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Post of the week (last week)Hi Crazee! not reallyThe saddest a part.. is the Republicans forced to turn into the typical retarded politician. This will Get passed. And along with all the Republicans, he def has found out this entire Expenses is F'n retarded and knows all those points you claimed. Since not point that made to some extent sense was passed resulting from other "Politics" the person said I quit and I will show you how politiy smart Now i'm. Blame congress with regard to f'd up politics because this is the first typical retarded Politics Bill has make there and ?t's going to pass. TOo FunnyI here's cryingThe market acknowledges this and understands now that will have re elected and he'll spend spend spend so the crna can make money after pres gravy recipe cooking gravy recipe cooking idency as a Democrat Speaker. He just turned into your typical politicianhe always was an ordinary politicianObama was the typical retarded politician long before the republicansOH STFU, like you blabber on regarding how bad he is normally, yet he's accomplished way more than you actually will in everyday living. He's also taking part in the destruction our country... it kind of wipes out the other "accomplishments" Nobel serenity prizes and just what exactly not... lmao.


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Welcome to my completely new days off! What's the word? thats so L . A . (illustrated post)The Statement is CougarYou come every once and a while post a couple things, and barely respond to anyone anymore... then you disappear for days to weeks... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU EMICKS? Settling within my new agenda. I work -hour days so those days are basiy me waking up, eating a bite, going to health and fitness center, then right to your workplace. I am down Thurs, Fri, and Sat. now so I am able to post a bit more but thoseto three days off inside of a row afford me to look at mini trips which I am doing. It will be fun. Anyone for instance BAC here? WM? FNF? BAC is an eternal dog... it's been a dog for years, I like them for shortingEric hasweeks away and has been here every day since his gaycation startedIt's cloudy now. That's the sperm I appeared to be watching Oprah currently and this women spended $, and the guy worked intended for UPS. But by the end of your show, it was many of the guy's fault.: )Thats alot of designer clothes upon an $, yr UPS salary. It's always this guy's fault. Ever Notice Most of Those Types of Women... Have never won over $K for their entire pathetic existence? You mean the skinny princess varieties?? Who have the following love for designer clothes and are always seen becoming driving a Lexus or possibly Mercedes SUV that has a phone glued recommended to their ear and sometimesof those mangy little k9s?? The guys will be pussified pansies along with cannot say 'no'Never was interested in those types... I have worked too darn hard for this money to help some airhead spend it.. Us guys gotta get some pussy somehowEven the uglies involve some junk. HR Generalist $- bathroom infrared heater bathroom infrared heater hour or so? I just interviewed to have entry level HOUR OR SO Generalist position. Do you think -/hr is fair, considering I've only had retail work opportunities before? I do have got a Bachelor's degree and so far they are certainly interested.


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WOOF! It's Wednesday Hopefully by nowadays the duke is enthusiastic about tomorrows animals! When i said Cali. is known for a weird way from messing with in cast outdoor furniture cast outdoor furniture dividuals schedules! Dog still getting work done in a net unfriendly environment(though getting work done in the sticks a fantastic gig)! I am again earning a living for another person as help, same guy developing another small put in place middle of nowhere, the electrician awesome as hell and able to take the doggy out shooting inside their neck of the particular woods! Hope all will be well with those employed and the wonderful seeking a gig get perhaps it is a day or perhapslate but am certain that animals(assuming duke has coffee inside your home! )will be pleasure as always, belonging to the lumber yard having wifi, this could be the dog signing away! Thursdays sure have bass fishing jig bass fishing jig a very good way of sneakin' on yaWhy can I loews food stores loews food stores realize that pic. being used for being an HB punchline? LOLOLOL!! Exploring through Eric's pix I can't help but consider that I am thinking about a biography from a very normal lovely boy growing right up but eventually snapped and took an important gun and travelled postal on everybody in his landscapes. It's almost to be a minutes documentary where Morley Schaffer is actually describing, "He set off as a possible young boy created in good ol The united states. Little did the other parts of America recognise that this happy young lad would ultimately leave a trek of blood not to mention sadness in his / her wake. That's tonight's storyline. [Tick-tick-tick-tick.]".


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My oh my, ooh, oooh, ooooh, aaaaaah, aaaaaaah My oh my, ooh, oooh, ooooh, aaaaaah, aaaaaaah lolOooooooooooooooooh, hahahaHit everybody baby, hahaWhen Becomes Orgasm When Actually gets to Orgasm Q: How to tell when any blonde reaches orgasm? A: She droplets her nail-file! Some: Who cares? Some: She says, "Next". Some: The next person while in the queue taps you to the shoulder. A: He's had his clothes for minutes. A: Air cleaner will add, who really loves you? A: The batteries have become depleted. Affairs With Gentlemen Q: Did you hear concerning blonde lesbian? Some: She kept owning affairs with adult males! The tourist A Swiss vacationer in Tel Aviv is looking to get directions and pulls up in the bus stop whenIsraelis are waiting. Entschuldigung Sie Bitte, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen? the guy says. The notbutIsraelis just stare at him. Excusey-moi, parlez vous Francais? Both of them continue to stare. Parlare Italiano? Certainly no response. Hablan ustedes Espanol? Even so nothing. The Switzerland tourist drives away from, extremely disgusted plus frustrated. The initially Israeli turns to be able to his friend and says, You find out, maybe we must learn a language Why? says her friend, that bloke believedlanguages and that also didnt do him decent! Differences between Each gender. Differences between Jewish Each gender. Women have far more imagination than adult males. They need it to make sure men how wonderful there're. Women have plenty of faults. Men currently have only- everything they say and everything many do. A successful man is an individual who makes more income than his girlfriend can spend. A productive woman is an individual who can find a really man. Men come to life as good-looking as they quite simply went to bed. Women somehow deteriorate during the night time. When women usually are depressed they often eat or spend money. When men will be depressed, they occupy another country. One is a individual that will pay for just a item he likes. A woman, but, will pay for your item that she doesn't want. Diamonds would be a girl's best pal. Dogs are a man's best ally. Now you learn which sex is usually smarter. It's untrue that men desire foolish women. Rather they prefer women this type of pretend to come to be foolish whenever necessary, which is the particular core of intelligence.


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Much more welfare stat break down Have you ever collected Food imprints? White Men % Women % Black Gentlemen % Women % Hispanic Individuals % Women % Maybe you have collected Food rubber? Conservative % indeed Liberal % yes Independent % certainly % of Food stuff stamp recipients through race White % Black color % Unknown % Hispanic % % with welfare recipients by means of race White % Black color % Hispanic %Asian Arabian lacking from those demographics The reason why the omission? what exactly category are you in, leech? Africa South, the continent north africa southern africa east photography equipment west africa several worlds^^dumb lying hag^politiy inappropriate bias against Africansno a single likes you debbie, so that makes everyoneEveryone LIKES A PERSON!!!! R U Sara Palin? You will find countries in Africa north africa south africa east africa west africa different worlds A variety of worlds. are a sexist pig - yes you're. Food stamps ought to be easy to get and only allow healthy foodsactually it should only be familiar with buy cyanideooohhh nooooocombine food items aid with health calc then send the recipient a food-health statement report it towards the doctors too, enforce health was a shadow of such a century we live inM ask them to And Congress is funding them nearly current level for next 10 years. Owama signed which farm bill Friday. farm subsidies much worse And really because the ghetto birds all of buy soda using their food stamps it's again and oblique subsidymore people commit them at walmarts because walmarts has become the country's primary grocery and in close proximity to poorer people ironical ebcause soem of these are walmart employeesFood is probably the most efficient t weather in august weather in august echnique to bribe the poor so they you shouldn'tme along with take my shit. They shouldn't allow food stamps to become used at -- and Burger Ruler though.


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Heart warming some huge money printing... the entitlement generation won't have it every other way. You really mean the boomers? God I detest that generationthey will not want to truly feel any pain.... print your money and shoot up some drugs... simply just delay the inevitable. None of them can take the pain which has to come gradually. Me Me Me Free Free FreeGenY would be the penultimate entitlement genGen Back button tooNo. boomers are classified as the worstthey do quantity million.... thats an enormous number, I agreeyou havent accomplished greedy-grannie yet This pre-boomers get pensions, societal security, and medicare health insurance. And they complain about it at all times. Boomers arent guaranteed anyof that. But at the very least she deserves this What have the actual boomers done for my family? Woodstock was the pinnacle in their lifetimes. And that is just sad. My grandmother worked hours every week stitching together boots with the war effort... she never missed daily... not even a single day after she uncovered my grandfather could not be coming house. pass those pts along on your gran pleaseSteve Jobs is known as a boomer He awarded you iPhone, apple ipad tablet, iPod, iMac... I am same age. I prefer to see him chase Stanford chicks after i went there. Payment Gates, Bill Gladness same age tooA hooker offered him an AN STD that craftsman replacement parts craftsman replacement parts destoyed an individual's liverAnd he's also an egomaniac cultish freak He thinks he is leading a religion. Steve Jobs = Rick Jones? see book # Tales belonging to the Citybut it's easy to buy an iphone4 who cares what he believesYeah the revolutionary iPhone that has lots of problems because it was rushed out incomplete. Thanks Mr. Tasks! What an amazing contribution with the global community! It truly is incredible There's undoubtedly a hardware issue, so the proposed solution is known as a software patch which will make the hardware issue invisible (though not even actually *fix* anything). This incredible part? His followers think it is fine. Steve is indeed a genius.


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BOND Ny Real Estate Announces it will eventually Accept Bitcoins as Payment NY, Jan., (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BOND Ny,, a Manhattan-based the property market brokerage firm focusing on residential rentals and sales in addition to commercial leasing, has announced it'll now accept Bitcoin like payment for the property market transactions. BOND New York is believed to be the first home brokerage to approve this fairly new kind of currency. Bitcoin wwwwwwwwwww Bitcoin is really a consensus network that permits a new payment system along with completely digital cash. It is the most important decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that could be powered by its users without central authority or middlemen. From some sort of user perspective, Bitcoin is almost like cash for the internet. Bitcoin is a fabulous secure and inexpensive way for you to handle payments. wwwwwwwwwwwHeresy!!! bitcoin isnt currencynever heard about them probably just intend some free publicity such as the lambo dealership. Funny Yelp reviews for your place If you intend to get SCREWED ABOVE.... feel free to utilise the crappiest real estate investment agency on that east coast, where they'll lie to see your face, steal your finances, and then disappear with you!! be sure NOT to cope with Andrew Goldsmith or possibly Paul Bologna.... if you are just moving to make sure you NYC, or you've been here for some time and are buying new place, you are better off by yourself. Dealing with they has made a roommate's and warring a living heck, and we have decided you're taking legal behavior. Plus the author appears to be a genuine hottie (based over the thumbnail). thanks for that maori symbol tattoo maori symbol tattoo tard update. do they've bits of real estate investment to rent? or even only whole property? BITcoins buy Bits of things (I might imagine).


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